Start An Electronic Cigarette & E-liquid Shop

Electronic cigarette sales continue to boom in 2016 with no signs of slowing despite increased regulation. Sales increased 43.4% in 2014 compared to 2013 and this presents a great opportunity for the budding entrepreneur or even someone starting in business for the first time.

Setting up your own electronic cigarette shop or website might seem like a daunting task particularly with all of the constantly changing legislation that surrounds it, but in fact if you go about it the right way it’s actually quite simple.

Many people think they have to import products from China but quickly learn that Chinese factories are only interested in huge order quantities. Dealing with China in itself can be daunting for the novice, there are compliance and CE regulations that many manufacturers don’t abide by, numerous poor quality counterfeit products on the market, import duties, high shipping costs, lack of warranties and the uncertainty of even getting your goods long after you’ve paid for them. We’ve all heard the stories of containers of bricks arriving instead of the real goods!

That’s not to say there aren’t reputable suppliers in China, of course there are, but finding them and ensuring they stick to the regulations required here in the UK can be a full time job in itself.

A much safer alternative is to deal with a UK wholesaler who is knowledgeable and compliant with UK and EU legislation. You avoid high shipping charges, import duties, eliminate risk and benefit from being able to purchase low quantities of products with full warranties.

We can help you set up your business by supplying fully TPD compliant e-liquid at wholesale prices.

Our minimum order quantities are extremely low at just 260 10ml bottles (in quantities of 20 per flavour/strength).

In addition, we can also provide you with:

  • Customised point of sale material for your shop such as signage, graphic stands and A-boards
  • Help and assistance with compliance and the latest regulations
  • UK and EU sourced, mixed and tested e-liquids
  • We can even design and build you your website¬†(example

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