Electronic Cigarette & E-Liquid Compliance

The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) became law in the UK in May 2015 and if you sell e-cigarettes and e-liquid you need to ensure you comply by the 20th of May 2017.

What You Need To Do

You will need to ensure that the products you sell have been submitted for notification to the MHRA. If you are only retailing then your supplier may have already done this, as we have. If however you are a manufacturer or importer (and even if you rebrand items as your own) then you need to submit a notification to the MHRA of any such products which you intend to place on the market. MHRA charge a fee of £150 for each end every product you intent to submit for notification. The electronic notification needs to be submitted six months before the products are placed on the market and must include:

  • Company particulars
  • A list of all ingredients contained in, and emissions resulting from the use of, the product, by brand name and type, including quantities thereof
  • Toxicological data regarding the product’s ingredients and emissions, including when heated, referring in particular to their effects on the health of consumers when inhaled and taking into account, inter alia, any addictive effect.
  • Product mechanics (where appropriate)
  • Description of production processes
  • Declaration of responsibility

The TPD contains strict guidelines on how products can be sold to the public and states:

  • E-liquids can only be placed on the market in bottles not exceeding 10 ml in volume
  • Cartridges or tanks must not exceed 2 ml in volume
  • E-liquid must not contain nicotine in excess of 20 mg in strength
  • E-liquid bottles must be child proof AND tamper proof
  • Only ingredients of high purity can be used in the manufacture of e-liquid and must be proven NOT to pose a risk to human health in heated or unheated form

For full details and notification fees please check out the UK Government website here.

Fortunately if you purchase from us the good news is that our products are compliant and have already been submitted to the MHRA.

Where applicable, our products are CHIP (soon to be European CLP Regulations) compliant, European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) compliant and are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 standards and CE marked (where applicable). This benefits you because our documentation provides a complete audit trail.

Our e-liquids are manufactured and tested in the UK/EU, not imported from the far east where quality, safety and consistency can often be an issue.

We are one of the few suppliers who’s e-liquid bottles not only have child proof caps with tactile warning triangle but also have tamper proof collars, production dates and batch numbers for full traceability.

Eliquid & E-Cigarette Compliance

Our New Tamper Proof E-Liquid Bottle